Dustin DeVan is the co-founder and CEO of BuildingConnected, the leading preconstruction platform enabling real estate owners and general contractors to hire qualified contractors for their projects.

Before founding BuildingConnected in 2012, Dustin worked in commercial construction for more than six years as an engineer, scheduler, estimator, and project manager for some of the largest construction companies in the country, including Bechtel, Rudolph and Sletten, and XL Construction.
Commercial construction touches the lives of everyone across the globe, in ways that may not be immediately apparent. In order to build a better world for all, we must ensure that this vital industry not only functions, but flourishes.”


Our goal is to connect every business in the $10 trillion construction industry and strengthen the lives, jobs, and relationships of millions of hardworking construction professionals worldwide.
I am passionate about building solutions for companies not confined to the tech industry. Creating software that solves real problems for people and industries outside of the Valley is a huge opportunity."


Dustin serves as an advisor and mentor for startups, and he frequently speaks and writes about construction technology and leadership in the startup world. In his spare time, Dustin enjoys playing poker and shooting pool with the BuildingConnected team.

Dustin holds two Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of California, Davis, in Mechanical Engineering and in Aeronautical Science and Engineering.


Dustin is a captivating, engaging, and down-to-earth speaker, often discussing topics centered around entrepreneurship, construction, and technology startups.

Advice to Early-Stage Founders

Key topics you can expect Dustin to touch on for teams just starting out
  • Step outside the bubble
  • How construction industry pain informed building BC
  • Personal experience is the best motivation
  • Build real relationships and move beyond sales automation software
  • How to step outside and gain insight from the real world

The Future of Preconstruction

Preconstruction as a topic with far-reaching applications
  • How improving preconstruction decision-making processes leads to lower costs
  • How communication barriers are being solved by supply chain markups
  • Market impacts of a true democratic network
  • How fragmentation renders market economics non-existent in the construction industry

Great Teams Start with Relationships

Building a successful company and finding a great co-founder
  • Nurturing friendship with your team and co-founder
  • You can't find the perfect co-founder overnight
  • Speed up decision-making by defining roles and ensuring autonomy
  • How to be a good communicator
  • Why keeping a flat organization as long as possible is important


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